HealthLink Dental Clinic (Mr. Miller)

Are you afraid of going to the Dentist?  Think you can’t afford it?  Let HealthLink Dental Clinic put you at ease.  This video we created for HealthLink is a tour of their clinic, and you find out how warm and inviting it is.  Not scary at all. Directed by: Corey Armideo

Habitat for Humanity (happy video)

Need to get your employees or members motivated before a big meeting or gala?  PBR can help. Check out this video for Habitat for Humanity of Bucks County we created that help rev up the crowd at their Hard Hats and High Heels event.  (We also Live Stream events too)

Hire a spokesperson

Did you know PBR Productions can hire professional talent to host your videos?  Contact us now, to find out about how our great spokespeople can represent your brand!

Island Officials Game Developer Tour

Step inside the world of Island Officials one of the most successful independent game developers on the east coast. Meet the minds behind the Nintendo DS game Hands on Tangrams and it’s spiritual successor Orion’s Odyssey.